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Embrace The Suck Therapy

 I help people who don't want to talk about their feelings, but probably should. 


Pamela Chapman, LCSW

  I help people who don't want to talk about their feelings, but probably should. As a therapist, I have been working with combat veterans and military sexual trauma survivors for  12 years. My eclectic therapeutic style uses a lot of humor and a straight forward, pragmatic, reality based approach to help people dispel the myths about seeking mental health services.


 Its so common to want to bury and avoid painful experiences from the past and the present because what may come up may be difficult. 

I am upfront about how uncomfortable therapy and change can be in the beginning, expecting it to be anything but, can set ourselves up for failure.  When we make the decision to face the difficulty head on , we can begin to gain a greater understanding of what is happening, and in doing so, things can become less scary. 


I am a believer that true change and growth  happens when we are uncomfortable by choice. Are you ready? No?  That's ok, you can start anyway. 

When you need to face life's challenges head on rather than avoiding them.

 Its normal to have questions or to feel apprehensive, keep reading for more info!

If you are wondering about my therapeutic style and approach, check out this page.

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